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Protecting The Rights Of Noncitizens Living With HIV And AIDS

Many people think that if they have HIV, they will not be eligible to stay in the United States. This is not true. American immigration law allows for immigration in certain situations, including for individuals who cannot get medicine, health care and other medical benefits in their home countries, as well as people who face persecution due to their HIV status.

At the San Francisco, California, Law Office of Robert B. Jobe, our attorneys understand that people around the world are mistreated based on an HIV-positive diagnosis. We have done extensive research about conditions in countries around the world, and advocate for our clients by informing American judges about the hardship faced often by people with HIV.

While not all of our clients identify themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, much of our work has focused on supporting the LGBTQ community in immigration matters including asylum, deportation defense and appeals. We have handled many high-profile cases that have helped shape immigration law in the western United States.

The law on immigration and HIV is constantly changing. At the Law Office of Robert B. Jobe, we keep up with recent changes and engage in cutting-edge litigation based on new changes in the law. We often liaise with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other state organizations regarding these issues.

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