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Assisting Families In Immigration To The United States

At the Law Office of Robert B. Jobe, we help family members petition for other family members to permanently reside in the United States. Our work includes assisting with fiance visas, representing the family members of people who have been granted asylum, and the spouses, children and parents of people who have relocated to the United States.

Our San Francisco, California, law firm often files petitions with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once USCIS has approved a petition, the approved petition can be sent to the National Visa Center. We work with consulates and clients all over the world and are knowledgeable about how to present the best possible case.

We also help prepare our clients for interviews abroad. Knowing what to expect in an interview can help you feel more relaxed. It may also help you avoid common pitfalls that may cause delays in your processing time.

Our attorneys are also experienced in presenting waivers to USCIS and consular offices abroad. If your family members need a waiver for prior deportation, crimes, fraud, unlawful presence or health-related grounds, we can help you.

Lawyers Answering Your Family-Based Immigrations Questions

Many of our clients come to us because they feel bewildered by the legal system. They are unsure about what actions to take in order to achieve the best possible results. At the Law Office of Robert B. Jobe, we can help answer a wide range of questions about family immigration:

  • How long will my application take? Each consulate is different, so it can be difficult to predict the length of time your application will take. Much of it is beyond our control, but we will do our best to make sure things run smoothly.
  • Can I apply here in the United States or do I have to go abroad again? The answer depends on when you came into the country, when petitions were filed and how the original petitioner got here.
  • What if I have a criminal record? If you have a criminal record, some special circumstances may apply. You may need a waiver showing that a family member will suffer extreme hardship if they are not granted family immigration.

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