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Successfully Handling Your Immigration Appeal

In immigration cases, any missteps throughout the course of the proceedings can lead to serious consequences. Attention to detail is critical, especially in preparing a successful immigration-related appeal.

At the Law Office of Robert B. Jobe, in San Francisco, California, we represent clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Federal Courts of Appeals. We are also able to handle Supreme Court cases. When we prepare a federal appeal, our lawyers take every detail of your case into account. We also focus on the broader picture, looking at how to assist you in both your appeal and in other immigration matters.

Our attorneys are creative and resourceful. We spend hours diligently pouring over transcripts of trial court proceedings. We research all related cases and construct persuasive legal arguments based on case law, statutes and arguments of public policy.

Considering all of these factors, there are many reasons that an error in court proceedings may lead a case to be reversed on appeal:

  • An error in the judge’s decision
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel (your prior lawyer)
  • Exclusion of important evidence

Many immigration appeals are part of a larger deportation defense. At the Law Office of Robert B. Jobe, we have the capacity to effectively manage large cases with multiple issues — like fighting deportation by constructing successful appeals.

The best way to explore issues related to your appeal is to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Robert B. Jobe by calling 415-949-4069 or by completing our online contact form.